We understand that finding a church can be scary... 

Walking into an unfamiliar place, filled with new faces and new practices can be pretty confusing and unsettling for a first time guest. That's why we created this page - to answer a few, common questions and give you a glimpse of what you can expect during your visit with us on a Sunday Morning.  (Our Worship Service begins at 10:45am)

Christ-Centered - Gospel Driven  At PPAC, you will find people in every different stage of their Christian walk - and all of us know that we have a long way to go! Yet, we’ve committed together to a life changing journey to better know this God who loves us unconditionally through authentic worship and relevant Bible study. And as we learn more about Him and as we respond to His love, it becomes our joy and passion to pass along His love to people throughout the Tallahassee area.

What should I wear?  Some people come dressed in jeans while others come dressed in business casual.  If you prefer to wear a tie or a dress, that's fine too.  We want you to feel comfortable while we experience worship together.

What will the service (music and preaching) be like?  We attempt to provide music and teaching that is contemporary, interesting, and relevant to your life. You will usually experience about 25 minutes of music and singing followed by about 40-45 minutes of practical Bible teaching. We use many different translations of the Bible, but stick most often with the English Standard Version. Our services typically run about an hour and 15 minutes.

Will I be singled out as a visitor? You will find we are very low key in our treatment of guests. You won't be pressured, hassled, or singled out! We won't stick any badges on you or ask you to stand, and no one will ever visit your home without your invitation.  You will, however, be greeted by friendly people before and after the service.   

Are you going to ask me for my money?  No. Those who consider PPAC to be their church home faithfully give their tithes and offerings to the Lord.  (What's the big deal about giving?)

What about my children?  We love having children participate in our services, but if it becomes too much for the younger ones, please know the nursery and preschool areas are available. Our ushers will be glad to assist you.  Sunday School and PPACKids Worship! are held in the Fellowship Hall next door for preschool through 5th grade. The church nursery, is in Room 105 (down the hall from the bathrooms) and is available during the church service for infants-toddlers. (Note: To better ensure the safety of our children and volunteers, the Fellowship Hall is locked during the service. If you need to get into the building, there is a door bell at the side door. Children are not released from activities until a parent picks them up. Please care for your children immediately following the service.) 

What if I need prayer? There is always someone available to pray for you before, during, and after all worship services or anytime during the week - just let us know. Please feel free to use the altars at the front of the sanctuary at anytime. Additionally, at the conclusion of every Worship Service there are friendly folks available in the Prayer Room (Room 103) for prayer and counsel for whatever is going on in your life.