At the recent Congregational Meeting on November 20, a name change proposal was presented to those in attendance.  A straw poll was taken, and the feedback was positive. The name and tagline that was proposed is:

 Deeper Life Church
 Christ Centered    Gospel Driven

Why a name change?
The reason to change our name is not taken lightly. We are not considering this change so that we can be hip or trendy, but to be strategic in our desire to impact our city for Jesus Christ in the next chapter of the church’s life.  Several reasons for changing the name are:

  •  To be strategic in reaching our community for Jesus Christ.
  •  To concisely convey the reason we exist.
  •  For future church planting efforts throughout the city.
  •  To have a name that can more easily be branded.
  •  To emphasize the core element of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Our Heritage

“The vision of A. B. Simpson to establish a deeper-life movement
that would take the "whole gospel to the whole world" is being realized today through The Christian and Missionary Alliance. For more than 120* years, Alliance workers in the United States and around the world have followed God's call to enter into a deep, abiding relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and take His good news to people who have yet to hear His message of hope - it’s all about Jesus!” 
- John Soper, former Vice President of the C&MA

Additional Information

  • *As of today, the Alliance is 141 years old. The Alliance was birthed in 1881 when A.B. Simpson organized a small group of believers devoted to experiencing Jesus in His fullness and making Him known to New York City’s marginalized dock workers.
  • Approval to change the name was given at the 2008 Annual Meeting.
  • This change will only be a D/B/A. Legally, we will still be Piedmont Park Alliance Church Incorporated of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.
  • Below is a proposed rendering of what our sign would look like.

Questions or comments? Please feel free to reach out to Pastor Chris.