Yes, I want to be part of the Prayer Chain!

It is obvious that a prayer chain is not a very private way of communicating. The names of individuals and their health or personal situations are described in some manner when the prayer request is sent out.  While it is not a secret, it should still be regarded as private.  Being prayed for by those on the prayer chain should not open one up for group discussion or unwanted questions.  So, to clarify, here are a few reminders to keep in mind:

  • Do not discuss the prayer requests that are sent out with other people.
  • Do not initiate conversation about the prayers with the person requesting prayer.  Let them make the decision about whom they want to discuss their personal matters with.
  • We try to keep the details minimal as not all of the facts are needed for you to be able to lift them up in prayer.  (God knows who you are praying for!)