Our Story

Piedmont Park Alliance Church began from a missions vision - a vision to reach the unchurched people in Tallahassee, Florida. The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) had conducted a successful church planting program in Lima, Peru in the 1960's and early 1970's... that gave the idea to an American Christian businessman to support similar efforts in the U.S. through the C&MA. A series of meetings and services in Tallahassee were held with special speakers and music groups to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ. The goal was to help unchurched people have a true encounter with the God who loves them and died to rescue them.

Initial work began in 1973 when two pastors moved to Tallahassee and established not one but two C&MA churches. Two identical buildings were built: one on North Monroe Street, the other on Thomasville Road. The buildings were designed as multi-purpose gymnasiums and neighborhood centers, with a sanctuary to be built later.

Believers met in the Northwood Mall community center for about a year. Some then moved into the North Monroe building in January 1974; then in April others moved into the one on Thomasville Road. Widespread evangelistic programs were held but the experiment in dual congregations did not work out and the congregations were combined in late 1974.

Over the years, PPAC has always looked for meaningful ways to minister to our city for Jesus Christ.  In 1999, while walking on the bridge from the upper parking lot towards the sanctuary, inspiration hit and the “Easter Walkabout” was born.  Each year, from 1999 to 2017, about one thousand people walked across our bridge and experienced Jesus' life, ministry, death and glorious resurrection through the dramatic presentations by church members. This event became a “must-do” activity at Easter for many Tallahassee residents and responses were enthusiastic.

Other ministries have included, at different times, a Bible quizzing program for youth (active now for more than 30 years), an outreach to homeless people at Lake Ella, a bus outreach for unchurched youth, a church library, inter-church musical presentations, a radio program, a prison ministry and support of local independent ministries. Members have gone on domestic and international missions trips, and several members have gone into full-time ministry. The church has also shared its facilities with Christian ministries and home schooling communities.

Today, the church is more alive than when it first began in 1973 with people finding freedom, joy and hope in a relationship with their loving heavenly Father.  Even though methods of ministry have adapted throughout the years to maintain relevancy,  the focus of our message and our mission has remained constant - to love God, love people and make disciples who make disciples by taking all of Jesus to all the world.

Real People. Real Worship. Real Simple.